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MUDr. Věra KabíčkováMUDr. Věra Kabíčková
Diabetologist, Prague

Original Chicory Syrup is a complete novelty on the market. So it cannot yet be evaluated for long-term use in diabetic patients, nor are clinical trials available yet. However, because it contains an extraordinary amount of chicory extract, whose effects on the human body have been investigated in a number of studies for a long time, it can be assumed that its effect on the body will be really beneficial. It is basically an alternative sweetener that, with a sweetness equal to honey, has only 5 percent sugar, which is truly extraordinary.

Názory odborníkůMUDr. Kateřina Cajthamlová
Psychotherapist and Dietician, Prague

The doctor said the following on her program on Czech Radio: „ …………
...The advantage of chicory syrup is that it contains 71% soluble fiber and 5% sugar. You can't taste it because there is little sugar, it tastes like honey and looks like honey! So, I recommend that people who want to change their diet in some way, adding fiber and reducing sugar, and pampering their microbes, try serving high-fiber chicory syrup!
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Ing. Ivan Mach CSc.Ing. Ivan Mach CSc.
Nutritionist and Dietary Supplement Expert

I recommend chicory syrup with insulin as a sweetener for the obese, because the fiber induces a feeling of satiety, so it naturally curbs the appetite while satisfying the sweet tooth. Thanks to the sweetness of the syrup, which is equal to honey, we can "save" simple carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, which are usually sweetened. I also recommend it to clients after antibiotic treatment because it has the ability to provide prebiotic support in restoring the intestinal microflora after antibiotic use because it serves as "food" for intestinal bacteria.

MUDr. Hana ProcházkováMUDr. Hana Procházková
General Practitioner, Ostrava

Chicory syrup has very interesting parameters. If all the data is accurate, every diabetic will appreciate the opportunity to sweeten their food with syrup that has a glycemic index (a value indicating the increase in blood sugar after eating the food) of less than five, while honey and maple syrup, for example, have a glycemic index of around 50 and sugar even above 65! And there is one more big advantage - you won't find another product on the market today that has such a high content of body-beneficial soluble fiber - the fiber content of the syrup is over 70%, that's really unique!

Marie MikšováMarie Mikšová
Fitness & Diet Coach, First-Class Trainer UK FTVS

Original Chicory Syrup is a truly extraordinary product. When I first studied its properties and composition, I didn't want to believe they could be right! But it turns out that thanks to chicory extract, it truly is possible. Many top athletes, competitors, bodybuilders, exercisers and athletes have been strictly guarding their body weight for a long time. Yet, like all people, they have a sweet tooth, which they can indulge only very rarely. And Original Chicory Syrup could be just the right solution for them! But actually, not only for them, but for all people who need to lose weight or profess a healthy lifestyle. The syrup is sweet, has a pleasant taste, a delicate aroma and a semi-liquid honey consistency, while containing only a negligible amount of sugar.

katerina tichaKateřina Tichá
Czech Master Chef

For me, chicory syrup is the superfood of the 21st century. I use it to sweeten desserts, tea, sauces, even my family and I like to spread it on bread and butter instead of honey. This syrup has no nasty aftertaste so I have not encountered any negative reaction when I give my creations a taste. For me, definitely a number one star.

Marek ŽižlavskýMarek Žižlavský
Fitness Competitor

I add chicory syrup to my oatmeal every morning. I get enough fiber intake, it tastes great and I have energy for the whole day.