What is chicory syrup?

Chicory syrup is a novelty on the sweetener market. It’s a new generation sweetener produced by a unique patented method from chicory root. Chicory has an exceptionally high beneficial fiber content and a very low glycemic index. It does not contain gluten, lactose, preservatives or flavoring.


Chicory syrup can be used not only to sweeten hot and cold drinks, desserts, cookies, biscuits, ice cream, pancakes and yogurt.

The syrup can also be used in a warm kitchen for baking all types of sweet pastries and cakes. And there is one more unique feature - the syrup is able to partially replace cooking fat! So the syrup not only reduces the caloric value of baked goods by replacing sugar, but it also reduces the energy value of food by replacing cooking fat by up to one hundred percent!

Method of use and dosage

It contains up to 95% less sugar and 45% fewer calories compared to other natural sweeteners (honey, maple syrup, agave syrup...), so it is very suitable for use in a reduction diet. Meals prepared using chicory syrup original have a significantly lower energy value and with regular use of such prepared meals, there is a natural loss of fat reserves.

The dosage is the same as for honey when sweetening; when replacing fat in food, 1 g of syrup replaces about 4 g of fat

About chicory

Chicory (Cichorium intybus) is a plant belonging to the daisy family. It is a perennial herb up to one meter tall with a stiff stem. Chicory flowers from July to October, and its flowers are usually bright blue.

The color of the flowers probably gave rise to the Czech name of this plant - "Čekanka", when the blue flowers of the chicory reminded people of the blue eyes of a girl waiting in vain for the return of her beloved from the war...

Plants can be found in the wild quite abundantly around roads, fields, meadows, forests and hillsides. However, it is mainly grown for large-scale processing in Belgium and the Netherlands.

We are all familiar with chicory as a beneficial herb, and perhaps its most unknown use is the processing of the dried root into a healthy coffee substitute. But of course that’s not its only use. Chicory is a highly valued medicinal herb in folk medicine.